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Flu Vaccinations Posted on 30 Jul 2021

Flu Vaccination

Gp surgeries in our area are only vaccinating patients aged 18-64 who have an “at risk condition” which include asthma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, COPD, liver problems such as cirrhosis or hepatitis, emphysema, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen, chronic heart disease, being very overweight (BMI >40), chronic kidney disease, HIV infection.

Ludovic Medical Practice will be operating an appointment only system due to social distancing. Please DO NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. Please wear a face covering to your appointment to protect yourself and our staff.

Information for Everyone Else on how they will get flu injection.

Child aged 6 months to 2 years with a pre-existing health condition   

Children in this group will be identified and the local Pre-School Immunisation Team, will contact the parent/guardian with an allocated appointment for their child

Child aged 2 to 5 (not yet at school)

All parents/carers of 2-5 year olds will receive a letter with an allocated appointment in the next 8-10 weeks. 

Primary school aged children

When schools returned in August all primary school aged children should have received a consent pack to take home and parents / guardians were asked to complete and return completed consent forms to school within seven days. Flu immunisation sessions will be delivered in school from the beginning of October until mid-December. If a child misses their flu immunisation at school, for whatever reason, a flyer will be sent home with information about how the parent / guardian can arrange an appointment for their immunisation.   

For all children in the above three groups, we are asking parents/guardians to make every effort to attend their allocated appointment so that we can do everything possible to help maintain physical distancing at clinics and ensure that all children can be vaccinated ahead of this year’s flu season. 

Please be aware that GP practices will not be able to arrange appointments for your child, so if an appointment needs to be rearranged, the parent / guardian should call 0141 201 4190 from 23rd September onwards.

12 to 17 years old with a pre-existing health condition

If a child / young person in this age range has an eligible health condition they should telephone 0141 532 8768 from 23rd September onwards to make an appointment for their flu vaccination.

18-64 year old with a health condition

Individuals in this group will be contacted by your GP practice or the Health Board with appointment information.  If you have not been contacted by the end of October with details of an appointment for your flu vaccination, you should contact your GP practice.

Pregnant women

All pregnant women will be offered flu from maternity services. If you are pregnant, please speak to your midwife for more information about getting a flu vaccination.

55 - 65 year old or over (by 31st March 2021)

If you are in this group, you will receive a letter with an allocated appointment within the next 8-10 weeks.  

Please make every effort to attend your allocated appointment so that we can do everything possible to help maintain physical distancing at clinics and ensure that we can vaccinate all eligible individuals in a timely and safe way.  

There will be no drop-in clinics as we need to manage the number of people at each clinic to ensure physical distancing. Please do not contact your GP practice, as they will not be in a position to give you an appointment.  


If your GP practice has identified that you are permanently housebound and are aged 65 years or over, you do not need to attend your allocated appointment. It would be very helpful if you or your support worker / Carer telephone 0141 201 4180 from the 23rd September onwards and advise that you will not be attending you appointment so that the slot can be released.

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